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FACTS Tuition Management

Holy Family Regional Catholic School utilizes FACTS Management Program, a third party tuition collection firm, to handle our tuition payments.

When you set up your account, payments are automatically withdrawn much like online bill payments. All families must enroll in the FACTS Program to make their monthly payments. The Holy Family Web site offers a link to our customized sign up page and online enrollment is simple and secure.

Flexible Payment Options

Through FACTS, there are several tuition payment options to choose from. Please be aware that there is a fee charged by FACTS for this service.

  • 1 payment plan – tuition debited from your account one time in full before start of school year. There is no fee for this option
  • 2 payment plan – tuition debited from your account in two equal installments in July and January. There is a $10 FACTS fee for this option
  • 10 payment plan – tuition debited from your account in 10 monthly installments beginning in July through April. There is an annual FACTS fee of $45 for this option. Payment date options are the 5th or 20th of each month

Why Electronic Payments

As a private Catholic school, we are constantly looking for ways to hold expenses down and to concentrate our available human and financial resources on our primary mission of education. Ultimately, our goal and our responsibility are to exercise the best possible stewardship of our resources.

Partnering with FACTS enhances our level of efficiency in the office, reduces the labor intensive nature of an in-house tuition plan, provides more consistent timing of tuition deposits, and allows for integration of payment data in to our School administrative software.

The FACTS system is very user friendly and convenient for our families and is much like the online banking and bill payment services that most of our families are already familiar with and utilize

Top Advantages of FACTS for Families


  • Parent “Dashboards” enable you to check balances, pay in advance, and change personal or banking information
  • Payments are made via direct debit, i.e. electronic funds transfer (EFT) eliminating the need for stamps and checks
  • There is more flexibility regarding payment due dates.
  • Parent smart phone applications facilitate inquiries and payments.
  • Re-enrollment for students is automatic.


  • FACTS is audited and in compliance with the latest financial and internet security protocols.
  • Reduced risk of identity theft.


  • Parents need only to call the school or go on line to the “Dashboard” to make a change.


  • The Business Office spends less time on payment processing and more time facilitating parents’ requests for information and assistance.


  • FACTS is the future of tuition management and is the preferred method of conducting business among educational institutions. Of the 17,000 private K-12 schools in our country, 6,500 use FACTS


  • Parents pay by installment without the need to secure a loan or pay interest

Environmentally Friendly

  • Electronic. communications support “go-green” initiatives.

For information on enrolling in FACTS, please call Susan Weed, Business Manager, at 215-269-9603 or call the FACTS Payer Hotline at 1-866-441-4637.

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Weekly Envelope

News, messages and important info.

Monthly Calendar

Monthly listing of events at HFRCS

Family Handbook

Information about HFRCS and your child.

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