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History & Beliefs

Since the 1950s, Lower Bucks County has a rich history of providing a high-quality, faith-based education to the large Catholic population of the community..

In July, 2014, the Immaculate Conception Parish and Queen of the Universe Parish merged to form the new Queen of the Universe Parish, and St. Joseph the Worker Parish and St. Frances Cabrini Parish merged to become the new St. Frances Cabrini Parish. Today, the school is sponsored by these two parishes.

September, 2024 marks the beginning of our 15th year as Holy Family Regional School.

We believe:

  • Our Catholic Christian values permeate our school and all subject areas.
  • Our students will develop a love and knowledge of God through the sacraments and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Mass attendance, prayer and other liturgical activities enrich the lives of everyone in our school community.
  • Our school provides an academically excellent education empowering students to develop their unique spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural potential.
  • Our school is a physically and emotionally safe place where every individual is welcomed, loved, respected, and appreciated.
  • Peer abuse (also referred to as bullying) is inappropriate and unacceptable in our school.
  • Educating our children is the shared responsibility of teachers, parents, and the entire school community.  Parental involvement and consistent, respectful communication between home and school are essential for a child to thrive.
  • Our Code of Conduct guides the students in making age-appropriate decisions.  Parental support of this Code, including consequences for poor choices, is essential for personal growth and the good order of the school.
  • The school, in collaboration with parents, assists in the formation of a student's character as they experience life’s successes and challenges.
  • We seek to form lifelong learners who endeavor to use their God-given gifts in service to others and their communities.

The School's Profile of our Eighth Grade Graduate:

Inspires Faith

  • Models Catholic Christian values including respect for others and self.
  • Has developed a strong principled foundation rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Maintains a strong Catholic identity by attending Mass weekly and participating in the sacraments.
  • Takes a moral stance in witnessing to the Catholic faith in word and action, according to God's will.
  • Continues to grow and expand their knowledge of their Catholic faith.
  • Serves others by being a compassionate and thoughtful individual who values and respects all people in their community and beyond.

Challenges Young Minds

  • Is well prepared and academically competent to be successful in all future endeavors.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills for problem solving-in and out of the classroom.
  • Has acquired time management skills and possesses the ability to create a balance in all areas of life: family, academic, extracurricular, and social.
  • Communicates effectively and works collaboratively with others, including peers as well as adults.
  • Reads and comprehends grade appropriate material and can articulate an informed view.
  • Uses all mediums of technology in a positive manner to enhance learning as shown in 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skills.
  • Demonstrates the qualities of an upstanding digital citizen.
  • Understands their own individual learning needs and style and self-advocates these needs and styles to their instructors.
  • Extends and refines their knowledge so that they can analyze and solve problems and create solutions in real world situations.

 Nurtures the Whole Child

  • Possesses the confidence to be an active witness to their faith and be socially responsible members of the Church.
  • Recognizes that all individual's talents and gifts are seen as significant in building up the community as a whole.
  • Has learned to deal appropriately with life's successes and challenges, joys, and disappointments.
  • Has sufficiently matured to recognize that service to others brings deeper joy and peace than self-serving action.
Welcome Message from Principal Kara Haggerty
Middle States Team Evaluation Report
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The best way to get to know Holy Family is to plan a visit.

Welcome Message from Principal Kara Haggerty
Middle States Team Evaluation Report
Visit Us

The best way to get to know Holy Family is to plan a visit.

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